Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekly Roundup!

Well, it's over.

My novel has been written!  It's shorter than I anticipated, 11 chapters, prologue, and an epilogue instead of 12 chapters, prologue, and epilogue, and 65K instead of the 70K I was looking at.  I think it's a decent length, as it's over 300 pages now that it's been formatted

I'm a little nervous about the querying process... last time, I was emotionally killed by querying for like, three weeks.  I think, though, since I'm approaching this novel so differently, from the writing, to the editing, et cetera, and learned a lot of lessons from my first two attempts, I might actually have success this time!

Anyway, I also bought webspace ( and I'm going to spend the next week building that, as well as sending out queries and editing.  Keep me in your thoughts!

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