Sunday, January 29, 2012

First World Problems

I stand before you, my most vulnerable moment

Ready to

Hope in purification

A baptism anew.

Fire at the left, ice at the right

I pray for harmony.

I beg for a soft embrace,

not a sizzling lash

not a frosty slap.

I stand before you

drowning cutting falling scalding

Anything is possible. I wait.

To the center, you yield nothing

barely warming

I veer slightly left creeping to the flame.

Slowly you unfold and welcome me

soothing cleansing relaxing

and then you turn away.

Abandon me not!

I pull towards the left

You lash out.

My skin rises pink at your cruel strike.

In frustration,






Copyright Katrina Rue, 2012. All rights reserved.

Back once again!

Hey! So, again, I've been ridiculously busy. Here's what's been on the agenda:

  • Work. Gotta make the moneys to keep the electric paid to keep the computer on for more writing!
  • My own YouTube Channel to unleash the occasional comic part of me (WARNING: The link is not representative of, well, any real person ever, I would hope. The character I portray is a caricature and a parody)
  • And writing my latest novel!
This novel is something I'm very proud of... I'm absolutely exhausted of the whole rider-and-mount subgenre of fantasy these days. The heroes are always innocent youths that through their bond with their (dragon? unicorn? talking ficus?), mature and save the world. Bel Phthlegor is definitely not your mama's fantasy hero, in as many ways as you can think of. Throw in subversion of a couple fairytales here and there, add in the perversion of a few classic fantasy races, and a couple twists along the way that I hope nobody will see coming, and we've got ourselves a winner!