Monday, July 6, 2009

Unexpected Sources

I did something a little odd last week.

About a year ago, I got a clairvoyant reading on my past lives, as I was at a total loss as to where my life was going. I didn't know where my life was headed, and I was beginning to get very frustrated with the direction that things were going. Whether or not the delightful psychic was accurate or not didn't really matter to me at the time, as I really just wanted to feel better about where I was going, and let go of some of the frustration and anxiety I was feeling.

She told me, during the course of the reading, that my past lives had a very strange pattern... I would have a "big" life where my soul would learn a huge cosmic lesson, and then I would have a few "small" lives, where I was taking time to connect with the people and the places around me. The lives would swing back and forth along the path, and they led to this life, which is a life of synthesizing the desire to connect with those around me and the desire to connect to something higher. Kind of awesome, right? And whether or not that was the truth of the matter, it made me feel one hell of a lot better (and she was cheaper than a psychologist by a MILE).

So, since my life has not been going in the direction I want it to at this time, I figured I'd drop her a line to see if she was still in the business and if she was free. She was, fortunately, and we had a reading about what the heck I needed to do in order for my life to go where I wanted it to. She gave me a gentle, supportive kick in the root chakra, and told me that I was getting bogged down in my negativity, and I hadn't been doing nearly enough to make my dreams come true. She told me to keep trying, to edit my script, to make it perfect, and to put myself out there more, and I could have my silly tale published within a year.

Thus heartened, I attacked my quest with renewed vigor, and I feel energized by it. I'm writing and gathering a few sources to start querying again, and I think that a successful attack on the publishing world could be in the cards.

The economy might still be in the toilet, dear readers, but remember this... I taught junior high. It takes a lot more than no jobs and no money to scare THIS lady!