Sunday, April 26, 2009


I just sent out my first query letter this evening.

I'm going to pay more attention to this in another entry, but I'm going to gloss briefly over how I chose the agent I queried.

My three basic criteria for a literary agent are as follows:  they understand the genre, they have demonstrated sales, and they're not too "big".  I define big as someone like Christopher Little, who was the incredibly lucky, lucky, lucky agent that took on what was to become the Fantasy Juggernaut That Became The Merchandising Empire of Harry Potter.

Not that big agents are bad (I hope to have one someday, thanks to my own efforts), but I'd rather not have someone TOO large, as I would like to have someone that has the time to pay attention to my project, but is a step or two up from some guy with delusions of grandeur with zero contacts.  I think there can be a happy medium, and I would love that to be my agent.

Ah well.  Let's see how this initial salvo goes.

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