Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Things First

Hello, Internet!

My name is Katrina Rue.  I'm a Chicago-area author, though I am not yet a published one.  As of this writing, my third publishing attempt is at just over 52K words.  I've got approximately 70K in my mind as a goal.  

I write science fiction and fantasy with a young-adult focus to it.  Ideas for the novels I've written generally come out of my nightmares, which is something that I suppose is a little morbid and weird, but I promise, they were really interesting ones.  If I publish something from the most recent batch, I'll be sure to share the gory (not really) details here.

I'm a little dark, a little silly, and a little quirky, much like my fiction, though still accessible at the same time.  Not out there enough, and people get bored.  Too out there, and people get confused, and in both cases, they get angry.  At least, this is my perspective.

Getting a little more personal... I usually watch television in my genre, but I do have a very odd fascination with reality TV.  I really wonder how much of it is as edited as the participants claim, if their TV personas are who they truly are, or if the camera forces them to do things they may not necessarily do otherwise but feel compelled to do with the unbiased eye staring at them.

I also read a lot of classic literature.  My favorites are Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, and The Picture of Dorian Gray.  There's something about literature from those days... though I no way think my humble monster stories can compare, I love the careful crafting of literature from the 18th and 19th centuries. 

I'm not exactly sure why I'm blogging for this novel when I haven't blogged for the other ones, but I'm trying something different.

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