Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If I Had A Million (plus) Dollars...

I've given a lot of thought to this topic... if I became an overnight millionairess, would I still want to write and still have a drive to be published?

Of course! It has been said so many times that one shouldn't write unless they absolutely have to. I really honestly HAVE TO. It's a compulsion, to climb into someone else's mind and watch them react, make choices, fall down, and pick themselves back up. It's likely why I was a huge RPG player (stop laughing) in high school and college. I'm always wondering what's in other people's minds, and how they might react to different situations.

So, if I had over a million dollars, what would I do?

I'd probably start by the usual... straightening out a little credit card debt, buying a house, paying off the car, and setting up some kind of investment plan, as well as quit both jobs. I might take a few weeks off to recover from being almost completely overworked as well.

Then? I'd hire myself a publicist, and mount an attack on the publishing world. There is nothing within the bounds of law that I wouldn't do in order to achieve my dreams, and if I had more resources with which to accomplish them, very few things would stand in my way.

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